Our way of doing business

The right way: with responsibility and eyes on the future
We are a family-owned company with 100 years of existence and very clear purposes and commitments. We invest in long-term business and are committed to the development of the localities in which we operate. Thus, we at Votorantim have developed our own way of doing business, by investing in companies in different segments, with a long-term strategy and vision, guided by responsibility, respect and confidence in the future. A real future, anchored in the decisions we make today, by learning from our history and our culture and with the capacity to innovate and anticipate the challenges and changes of society. A future that is already happening.

Commitment with society

Generating a positive impact for society, promoting local development and preserving the environment is a commitment that has always been present throughout our history. It is a component of our culture that guides our way of doing business. This commitment involves transparency in our relationship with society, by defining clear rules to be complied with and by consolidating our Company’s governance.

Votorantim Education Partnership

For society, this commitment is materialized through the investments we make to transform the localities in which we operate, via programs and projects that support education, local development and public management. These are areas in which Instituto Votorantim has been active since 2002, having become a reference in the management of private social investments.

Votorantim Reserves

Long before the concept of sustainability became a widespread value in society and incorporated into the business universe, we already had a differentiated vision of the future and generated positive environmental impact. As early as the 1950s, our leaders began a process of conserving natural forests around their operations. In one of these areas, the forest was protected all the way to the river mouths in order to guarantee the supply of water to the seven hydroelectric plants that we built in the Ribeira Valley region over four decades. This area gave rise to the Legado das Águas, the countrys largest private Atlantic Forest Reserve, with an area of 31,000 hectares. In the MidWest region of Brazil, Legado Verdes do Cerrado is a Private Reserve for Sustainable Development, with an area of 32,000 hectares.

Supporting Public Management

We at Votorantim believe in the strength of people have by exercising their citizenship as the most powerful way to build a more just society. Historically, this has always been one of our values. Supporting the public management of the municipalities in which we operate, training Community Councils and programs driven at improving education are examples of our social performance. In the year in which we celebrate our 100th anniversary, we are looking for a way to contribute more effectively to the transformation of society and to the exercise of citizenship.

The quality of public management depends directly on how society participates and the way people monitor and control the use of resources, how services are being provided to the population and especially how the next generations are being formed. For a centuryold company like Votorantim, the future depends on the union of forces among society, governments and the private sector around common goals that aim for the good of all. As we face a complex moment in the country’s political history, we understand that dialogue is fundamental for companies, citizens and governments to act responsibly in building this common future.

100 years and beyond...

We celebrated our 100 years in 2018 and we are sure that this is a milestone for the Brazilian business history.

It all started on January 9, 1918, in the countryside of São Paulo, at a Fabric Factory (Sociedade Anonyma Fabrica Votorantim). We advanced over the following decades contributing strongly to the industrial development of Brazil by creating new businesses and are always reinventing ourselves.

Our pioneers were visionaries when investing in businesses in a country that was still eminently agricultural and with little infrastructure. Investing in cement in the 1930s, in electric generation and aluminum in the 1950s, and so on.

Our history blends with the development of Brazil as an independent republic nation and, in addition to leaving a legacy, our history has unique curiosities and moments that help us have a historical perspective in our way of doing things.

For this reason, the Memória Votorantim is an area that maintains a rich collection of stories and knowledge of our past and that inspires our future.

For us, the legacy we build is a source of pride and motivates us to lead our journey forward, in a process of constant transformation.

A company’s soul is created by the sum of the various stories of people who have been part of it throughout its past. To celebrate our centennial year, we compiled several testimonials from those who worked, or still work, here at Votorantim. The testimonials are available on our 100-year website, which also caused us to adopt education theme as the main cause for this celebration.


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